I have a thing for all things Irish...but especially talented Irish musicians/singers. The big plan at the moment is my Irish Trip of a Lifetime in 2014
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The Aussie Thunderdome
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you all deserve someone who isnt embarrassed to love you and tells all their friends about you and saves your selfies, good and bad to look at when they miss you and loses sleep to talk to you and tells you how much they love you. i hope you all find that!!

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7 Practical Tips For Stress-Free Travel

Arriving to Pheonix

I love traveling. I love airports. I don’t remember ever a time when I didn’t want to go on a trip. I am not afraid of flying and I am not afraid to travel alone, however, for some strange reason my body always stresses out before a travel day.

When I stress out, I get back pain because my muscles become tense. I always get stress-related back pain when I have an upcoming trip, especially the…

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